An ambassador came to the capital to testify the imminent arrival of forgotten creatures.

Published by Nebel Press
100 x 140 mm, Risoprint, bichromy, black and red, 24 pages, first edition of 50 copies,
8 euros (+3 euros worldwide shipping costs), 2021.

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La plus belle plage du Nord,

Following the rise of sea levels, on a deserted Earth,
a Northern restaurant pours one last coffee to two friends who came to say goodbye. Just a moment
to remember the strolls on the windy coast, confronted to the choice of leaving or staying. Further away, a thick cloud of smoke rises from the silent depths of the northern sea.

Published by Fidèle éditions.
170 x 250 mm, Risoprint and offset, bichromy, federal blue & mint, 72 pages,
first edition of 500 copies, 2021.

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Fata Morgana

edition 0, 170x250 mm, 30 pages, 50 copies, risoprint
17 euros (+3 euros worldwide shipping costs)

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J’aime toujours me balader au bord
de la mer en été

An exhibition of Soleil d’hiver. We proposed at la galerie Paris Horizon to show the three last years of work of the collective. Founded with Zeste Le Reste and Sun Bai, the association create original editorial contents. For this exhibition, we support our books with originals from our different comics.

Galerie Paris Horizon, 2020.

Château forts

Fortified Castles brings together a tale from an obscure plot site recounting the fall of the King of Mars and a series of brutalist architectures. A question underlies this reunion: Could it not be the same desire for storytelling that drives the construction of Brutalist architecture and the conspiratorial narratives proposed by Scott Warring?

140 x 90 mm, 26 pages, 45 copies, inkjetprint
5 euros (+3 euros worldwide shipping costs), 2020.

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This planet will exploded and nobody care. Maidon, is a mistake (the ‘‘d’’ is next to the ‘‘s’’ on an AZERTY keyboard). It's the dream of an original planet, a pretext to explore extraterrestrial landscapes.

115 x 190 mm, 36 pages, risography print
10 euros (+3 euros worldwide shipping costs), 2020.

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Poseidopolis rewrite >L’enigme de l’Atlantide by Edgar P. Jacobs. In his narration, Lucas Burtin develop his own graphic vocabular. From a very talkative comics, he found a much more contemplative one.

150 x 210 mm, 16 pages, inkjet print
8 euros (+3 euros worldwide shipping costs), 2019.

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A logotype réalisé create for Othonna records. The othonna is a very cared plant for japanese gardeners. Othonna record develop repertoire mostly influenced by hip-hop music.

Logotype, 2019.


Une cassette et un logotype réalisés pour le label Alcôve. Un label fondé par Tanguy Clerc, Thomas Becka et Nicolas Hir. Alcôve développe une musique expérimentale entre ambiente et field recording. Chaque cassette se veut la découverte d’une nouvelle planète.

Logotype et design tape, 2018, 2019, 2020.


Sulfar is the story of a group of soldiers. While they were climbing a mountain they ended swallowed by the fumaroles of what reveal to be a volcano.

150 x 210 mm, 28 pages, first print of 30 copies, inkjet print, Out of stock, 2018

Soleil d'hiver

Soleil d’hiver is a artist duo, Sun Bai et Lucas Burtin. They join themselves between science fiction and sunday stroll, in the exploration of a fantasy always anchored in the real. Its logo, a hand holding a sun come to find in a christian iconography the symbol of the wonder and the astonishment.


épiphanie is the third episode of the Robert Ballot Pivache series, my alter-ego superhero. After his spaceship crashed at the edge of the pole and a long stroll through the cold desert, he finally reached the center of the earth. It's the third episode and the only one I did and I would do.

150 x 210 mm, 32 pages, laser print,
Out of stock, 2017.


This project is the re-actualization of a Ray Bradebury's short story : Pluie. I interpret this part rewrited story with images taken at the edge of the city. It's a book with an installation made of one steal scupture of a rocket surrounded by drawings and photographies stapled on the wall. This installation was presented during a performed reading.

Installation, photocopy laser, staple and steal.